Office of Information Technology

OIT Logos & Templates

For questions or alternate versions of the OIT logo please contact Just a reminder, the OIT logo, outside of the versions provided below, may not be modified in any way.

EPS This is a vector-based format and the best used for print production. All fonts and pathes on this version have been outlined.
GIF This pixel-based format has limited color range, so file size is kept small. THis is best used on websites.
PNG This format is the best choice for use with Microsoft programs (e.g. Word, Powerpoint) and also on websites.

OIT Logo - Rectangular

 Rectangular regular EPS

Rectangular regular GIF

Rectangular regular PNG

Rectangular regular SVG

Rectangular white EPS

Rectangular white GIF

Rectangular white PNG

 OIT Logo - Horizontal

Horizontal regular EPS

Horizontal regular GIF

Horizontal regular PNG

Horizontal regular SVG

Horitzontal white EPS

Horitzontal white GIF

Horitzontal white PNG


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