Office of Information Technology

EDir Decommissioning Project

Decommissioning Phases

As we shift services from relying on EDir to relying on AD, we will meet milestones in a phased approach to deliverables. Assigned Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will document, and then implement their decisions regarding their EDIR-dependent services. The 24 services under review and their assigned SMEs are listed under Functional Project Owners.

Phase 1

Define and create the edu person schema, at least the fourteen EDir edu person affiliation attributes, in AD.

Define and create in AD other attributes, as needed, such as the Board of Regents (BoR) structure or a filter for identifying telephone numbers for the Cisco directory search and device-user associations.

Potentially use Banner Enterprise Identity Services (BEIS) or amend the legacy Banner data service to provision the new attribute information in AD. Use only one service at a time to prevent data discrepancies. The Unified Active Directory (UAD) coordination group taps the current SME in UAS to create new attributes in AD as well as amend the Banner data service to provision the attribute values.

End Phase 1 Milestone: Required EDir LDAP data provisioned in AD. The estimated completion date is pending SMEs’ estimates on their final decisions.

Phase 2

Define and create needed self-service capability in AD. Define or create needed administrative capabilities and their placement-- these may be process and/or programmatic changes.

Tap UA OIT EAS and/or UA OIT CSS SE to further define and create self-service and administration as necessary.

Replacing EDir web-based administrative, directory search and self-service tools with similar tools for AD enables UA OIT to retire four Solaris 10 servers, physical hosts to five Solaris 8 virtual machine servers.

SME’s, working with other SMEs and service owners, reconfigure their assigned EDir dependent services to look to AD. In brief, they

  • Define their service’s requirements and/or configuration changes.
  • Provide a timeline for completing changes before February 2018.
  • Implement changes, enlisting technical assistance as needed.

A survey results Google Sheet has been provided for entering required attributes (name, data type and size), other requirements (possibly interface replacements by product name), configuration changes, process changes, implementation tasks, level of effort in hours, projected completion date, status, issues/ constraints and dependencies.

End Phase 2 Milestone: Remove the EDir LDAP. The date for this removal is pending SMEs’ estimates on their implementation completion dates.

Removing the EDir LDAP would enable UA OIT to remove another six physical servers that are running Oracle iPlanet.

Phase 3

Research the use of Banner information in the EDir Person Registry residing in RTPT. Research the use of the UA structure, department, etc. Board of Regents (BoR) information in the EDir People Registry.

Define the need to continue or not.

If continue, continue running the Banner Extract and BoR processes.

If not, stop the Banner Extract and BoR processes and remove the EDir Person Registry.

NOTE: The UA Strategy, Planning and Budget Office’s database specialist, Michael Campbell, writes to the BoR table within the EDir Person Registry. Even if the EDir Person Registry is removed for the most part, the BoR table will remain for that department’s research.

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