Office of Information Technology

EDir Decommissioning Project

Functional Project Owners

Functional Project Owners are the EDIR-dependent services’ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). They approve and manage the project’s products, services or results. They also provide the details of the necessary functionality and are responsible for implementing the functionality of their services as listed below.

Services that add and/or edit EDir people registry or EDir LDAP directory attributes

Banner Extract Process – David Bantz (EDir includes web-based administrative, directory search and self-service tools. It also includes batch-processed scripts. The scripts extract data from Banner, and then import the data into two repositories, the EDir Person Registry and the EDir Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory. Banner Enterprise Identity Services (BEIS) will replace the batch-processed scripts. In near real time, as individual's update their information in UA Online, BEIS will pass that information to AD.)

UA structure, departments, etc. (BoR) – David Bantz

Self Service Attribute Editor ( – David Bantz (UA Online will replace EDir's Self Service Attribute Editor. Extending UA Online's current use, personal information, such as description of expertise and interests, working title, assistant, web site, office room number, building name and street address, preferred delivery method, mobile, pager and fax, will be maintained by individual's, themselves, within a familiar interface.)

Delegated Attribute Editor Access for Personnel and Payroll Administrators (PPAs) – David Bantz (Self Service Attribute Editor is moving to UA Online and therefore delegation is not possible.)

Sponsored Accounts – Tom Langdon

EDir Administrative Interfaces (AUTHSERV) – Linda Toth (UA and UAF will expand their use of AD, replacing the EDir LDAP directory with AD. AD has it's own set of administrative tools and services that are used and managed by information technology teams across the universities.)

Web Gateway ( – Linda Toth

The following services are features of the Web Gateway Service. They are assigned individually to SMEs. Once they are changed, the Web Gateway will not be needed.

Self Service Attribute Editor (

EDir Administrative Interfaces (AUTHSERV)

People Viewer Application

Sponsored Accounts – Possibly move to a Cherwell process.

Delegated Attribute Editor Access for Personnel and Payroll Administrators (PPAs)

ZUAUSR -- Linda Toth

Services that view EDir LDAP directory information

People Viewer Application – Glen Johnson (One EDir LDAP directory search web interface is known as EDir ( It will be retired as it cannot be reconfigured to look to AD. The People Viewer ( is another directory lookup service for the EDir LDAP. It is one of the 24 EDir-dependent services being reconfigured to look to AD.)

Search Boxes on UA and UAF web pages – Walker Wheeler

UAF Mobile App – Walker Wheeler

Printed Phone Book -- Martha Mason validated and recorded as a survey response that the printed phone book no longer depends on EDIR.

Phones (Cisco directory search and device-user associations) – Jeffrey Whiteside

Services that consume and/or create EDir LDAP directory information

Security Cameras – Jarkko Toivanen delegated to Eric Jensen

Cherwell – Tom Langdon

RCS "ARSC" – Jeremiah Dabney

SAML IdP – David Bantz (Service 95% transitioned to AD in production.)

Zabbix – David Bantz (Service was transitioned to AD in production 09/18/2017.)

eduroam – Glen Johnson

OnBase – Shiva Hullavarad (Service transitioned to AD LRGP 11/14/2017. Service transitions to AD PROD 12/13/2017.)

VPNs (includes Radius) – Glen Johnson (Service 50% transitioned to AD in production.)

Email lists – Walker Wheeler

Universal PGP Server – Kathleen Boyle

ELMO – Mark Hospson

Atlassian Confluence – Travis Payton

SMEs record their findings and decisions regarding their EDIR dependent services. Specifically, they provide the following information.

Change EDIR Dependent Service into AD Dependent Service

  •  Required Attributes (include name, data type and size)
  •  Other Requirements (include interface replacements by product name)
  •  Configuration Changes
  •  Process Changes
  •  Implementation Tasks
  •  Level of Effort in Hours
  •  Projected Completion Date – This date will be a constraint on the retiring of EDIR.
  •  Status
  •  Issues/ Constraints
  •  Dependencies

Prepare for Change

How and when will you prepare, distribute and complete a user base announcement, outage notice, CAB review, and/or Service Owner Review of Service Catalog as needed?

Transition Changed Service to Production

  • Transition Type:  Critical or Restorative (With either type, the changes must not disrupt registration, service supporting semester start, classes beginning or grade entry.)
  • Transition Date
  • Production Operations
  • Primary Contact(s)
  • Service Support

 SMEs enlist assistance from other SMEs and/or other cross-functional technical experts to complete their findings and decisions as well as implementations of their decisions.

SME managers monitor their team member(s)’s progress in completing their findings and decisions as well as implementations of their decisions.

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