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April 1, 2012

The Office of Information Technology is working on developing a plan for the future use of technology to facilitate teaching and learning. We are interested in the experiences of students and faculty and the importance they place on a variety of technologies for teaching, learning and personal productivity. 

This March we will hold a series of IT forums with faculty and students.  These sessions will seek input on the future direction of this kind of technology within the UA system. 

Upcoming Sessions
Anchorage -

Faculty Learning Technology Forum
Friday April 6, 2012
9 -10 AM
Rasmuson Hall 211
Click here view the Faculty Forum PowerPoint Presentation

Student Learning Technology Forum
Friday April 6, 2012
2-3 PM
Rasmuson Hall 211
Click here view the Student Forum PowerPoint Presentation

Recent Sessions
Juneau - March 1, 2012
Live Video/Audio Stream - March 5, 2012
Fairbanks - March 6, 2012

Student and Faculty Surveys

In December we surveyed UA faculty and students on their current use of teaching and learning technology and on their opinions about the best way to use this technology in the future.  We used two survey instruments -- one for faculty and one for students.  The student survey instrument is very similar to one that has been used by the Educause Center for Applied Research (ECAR) in a large national survey.  Use of this instrument will allow us to compare UA results with ECAR's national results.  The faculty survey instrument, on the other hand, has been developed specifically for use by UA faculty. You can find survey results here:

UA Faculty Survey Results
UA Student Survey Results
ECAR Survey Results

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