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Service Catalog Management Process


Service Catalog Management is the process responsible for providing and maintaining OIT's service catalog. This process ensures that our service catalog is accurate and available to those who need it. Our service catalog comprises a group of approximately 65 services, at the moment all public facing. In the future OIT's service catalog will include separate groupings of customer-facing business services visible to everyone, and an authenticated group of customer-supporting technical services. Full implementation of this process within OIT is scheduled to be formally complete the end of 2014.

Service Catalog Review

Annually, the OIT service catalog undergoes a review by the owners of each service. This is part of OIT's continual service improvement plan and one of several ways to ensure the service catalog's accuracy. Each service indexe review is posted below, along with a synopsis of the main take aways from the most recent review. Changes and updates resulting from the most recent review are in the process of being implemented, each with varying degrees of complexity.

Service Catalog Process Improvement Project (SCPIP)

The Service Catalog Process Improvement Project began in 2013 with an effort to design and implement a Service Catalog Management process within OIT based on ITIL best practices. The intent of this project is to build upon the existing OIT Service Catalog with an emphasis on student, staff and faculty service improvement.


Process Documents

Process Contacts

Toni Abbey, Service Catalog Process Improvement Project Manager
Cara Brunk, Service Catalog Manager Process Owner
Kenneth Coon, Service Catalog Process Owner

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