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OIT and IT Service Management (ITSM)

OIT IT Service Management Program Timeline

In 2013, The Office of Information Technology formally established the IT Service Management Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to improve and sustain service levels across all departments. A number of tools and processes have been put in place including the implementation of HP Service Manager, the adoption of Incident Management practices, the OZ workshops, Apollo 13 training, and the recent PinkScan assessment.

This PinkScan assessment made the following observations about OIT:

  • We are highly committed to providing top-notch support to students, faculty members and administrative staff.
  • We maintain an extraordinary level of service and respond quickly to customer needs. This high level of service is a result of our commitment.
  • We have a high level of experience and knowledge and work well as a team.   

Areas for improvement:

  • We tend to be highly reactive rather than proactive. This can be attributed to a lack of process definition, measurement and execution.
  • The current levels of service are not sustainable without uniform processes.
  • The lack of process management makes it difficult to identify and implement service or process improvements.
  • There is a significant lack of information flow within OIT.

Additional recommendations:

  • Establish an overall Continual Service Improvement strategy.
  • Establish ITSM teams to further develop the processes.
  • Clearly identify success criteria and improve communications.

Focus on ITIL Processes

With the intent to effectively use our resources, we decided to address no more than two processes at a time. This will allow us to benefit from these services as we improve additional areas. We will address the following processes in their respective order:

  1. Service Catalog Management
  2. Incident Management
  3. Change Management
  4. ITSM Tool Implementation
  5. Service Level Management
  6. Problem Management
  7. Knowledge Management

Each process will have a dedicated team tasked with designing and implementing the Process Plan for their respective process. For more information on each process visit the related process page (links at left) and the following links:

OIT ITIL Process Map
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