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Required Employee Training

The University of Alaska uses a training and recruitment program called myUA to house all of the required training courses on a single platform.

The four required training courses for all employees are:

  1. Title IX (Refresher completed annually)
  2. Anti-bullying in the Workplace (One time)
  3. Hazard Communication (One time)
  4. Injury Illness and Prevention (One time)

After clicking the link below, you can use your single sign on credentials to access the myUA Employee Services Dashboard. From the dashboard, hover your mouse over "My Community" and click on the "Learning Library" where you will be able to find all required training courses offered by the University.

Click here to access the myUA Employee Services Dashboard

Supervisors looking for the administrative recruitment module can click the link below:

myUA Recruitment Module (Supervisors)

Troubleshooting/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

Is my browser compatible with myUA?

Who can I contact for assistance?

Learning Management System (LMS)

How do I access myUA and find my required courses?

What if I cannot complete my training within the required time frame?

How do I view the training record for my direct reports? (Supervisor only)

Can I take other non-required courses?

How long do these courses take to complete?

Why do I have a 'Booked' training course?

How do I add a training/certificate from an outside training source to my myUA profile?

Technical Issues/Troubleshooting

How do I enable third party cookies in Google Chrome? (REQUIRED)

How do I clear my cache in Google Chrome? (RECOMMENDED)

Why am I getting stuck on an EverFi log in page?

My course has frozen or quit unexpectedly.

No audio plays from my course.

How do I clear my cache in Google Chrome?

My course still shows "In Progress" even though I have completed it.

Performance Evaluation Management

Recruitment Administration

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