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ACA Work Hours Tracking - Guidance for PPAs/CCCs

Adjunct Faculty Salary Schedules:

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Banner Forms by Category

Banner Rule Forms by Category

Benefit Table (see Deductions by ECLS)

Benefit/Deduction Code Listing

Benefit/Deduction Code Listing by Priority


Calendar - HR Processing (must log in with email

Historical Calendar (HR Processing):

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Compatible Eclass (ECLS) Reference Chart

Contribution Rates: Pension/PERS/TRS/ORP/FICA


Deductions by ECLS

Deductions with Default Labor and Priority

Document Inventory: MAU Records Retention

Disposition Codes for Payroll Processing


Earnings Code Listing

Earnings Code Listing by Benefit Category and Eclass (update 9/2018)

Earnings Code Listing by Eligible Eclass

Earnings Code Listing for Default Accounts

Earnings Code Listing by Eclass (update 9/2018)

Eclass (ECLS) Compatibility Chart (update 9/2018)

Eclass (ECLS) Crosswalk: Salary Table/BCAT/LCAT (update 9/2018)

Electronic Submission of Deduction Forms

Error Report Descriptions (Personnel/Payroll/Budget)


Fiscal Year Close Procedures FY21


Job Form Submissions – New Hire & Re-Hires – Currently
Inactive Employees

Job Form Submission - Existing Employee Changes – Currently
Active Employees

Updated Job Change Reason Procedure

Job Title Listing - Alpha Order

Job Title Listing - PCLS Order


Labor Account Code Table (effective as of FY01)


Occupation & Geographic Code Resources [State of AK DOL]

Occupational Code Conversion Crosswalk - Jan 2010


UA-HR Pooled PCN Listing


Record Retention:

- Document Inventory for HR Record Retention
- Document Types & Keywords in OnBase
- Retention & Archiving HR Documents in OnBase
- Scanner Setup for OnBase
- Scanning & Indexing HR Documents in OnBase
- Security Classes for OnBase
- OnBase Training Instructions
- OnBase Training Videos


Secure Email Transmission of Personally Identifiable Data (W-

Staff Benefit Rates:

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Termination Workflow (web page sent back to ops 6/30/21sg)

HR Workflow Resources | UA Statewide Office of Human Resources (

TKL Listing

Training Tracking File Upload Instructions (PPP2CRT)

TOAD - HR Shared Queries List