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UA Layoff Resources

When it is necessary to eliminate positions due to reorganization, reduction in work and/or insufficient funding, individual employees may be laid off in accordance with University Regulation R04.07.110.

R04.07.110 Layoff, Recall and Release


Employee Assistance Program

Coping With Job Loss

Retirement Plans

Information will be given in the employee exit guide. The employee may need to contact the retirement representative, for distribution options.

Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) Members

University of Alaska Pension Plan

Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) Members

Teachers’ Retirement System(TRS) Members

Leave Benefits

Your annual leave balance, up to a maximum of 240 hours, will be paid out during your last paycheck.  Your sick leave is not compensable, however, if you are rehired into a leave eligible position within three years of layoff then you will have your sick leave balance reinstated.

Health Care and Other Benefits

You will receive health care until the last day of your final calendar month of Administrative leave.  After that final day of coverage, you will be eligible for COBRA coverage.  In addition, other benefits, such as life insurance, long-term disability, etc. will cease on the effective date of the layoff.

Tuition Support

If participating in the tuition waiver program, you may complete courses (enrolled in at time of layoff).  Any dependents receiving the tuition waiver may also finish courses that they are enrolled in at the time of layoff.

You are also eligible for tuition waiver of up to 15 credits per semester (not to exceed two years, to a maximum of 60 credits).  This benefit only applies to the employee laid off from the University of Alaska and does not apply to their dependents.

Training Options

You are eligible during your notice period to use online training available to all employees (Skillsoft).  This can be accessed through UAonline.  Choose employee services and then select Employee E-learning.

Other Resources

University of Alaska Careers Site,

State of Alaska- Unemployment Insurance, Access this website to learn and apply for unemployment as well as connect to grant funds to help with training (Dislocated Worker Grant).

Alaska Job Center Network contains links to ALEXsys and other federal and state recruitment sites,

State of Alaska, Rapid Response,

One-stop Reemployement Portal Worker ReEmployment is your one-stop site for employment, training and financial help after a layoff.


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