FML Supervisor FAQs

This will be a living FAQ document that will be updated periodically. If you have a question that should be added, please email

November 16, 2022: There have been updates to the 601 and 602 earnings code and 5-day reporting requirement. Please review the updates here. The FAQs below  have been updated to reflect the new processes.

If you have an employee who indicates that they might need FML for a serious health condition for themselves or a family member, please direct the employee to Unum so that they may begin a claim. 

Unum can be reached either online, via phone, or through their mobile application. 

As a supervisor, you should be aware of your employees absences and direct your employees to complete their time sheets in UAOnline and with Unum appropriately. 

  • UAOnline Time Recording
    • Employees should use sick leave (earnings code 550) for all FML absences
    • Supervisors should review time sheets on UAOnline for accuracy before approving
  • Unum Time Recording
    • Employees must report their FML to Unum as soon as practicable.
    • Unum can be contacted online, via phone, or through their mobile application

Yes. Please email with the details surrounding your employee's FML needs. 

If eligible for FML, employees may be eligible for federal leave and/or state leaves. State leaves will depend on the employees work location.  You will receive information via email from Unum regarding your employee's entitlement. 


Sick leave (earnings code 550) is used for all FML absences. 

Employees on approved FML must report their FML hours to Unum to be approved for job-protected leave.

Unum does not use the same earnings codes as UAOnline. If you have an employee on FML, they will enter their sick leave in UAOnline and then reach out to Unum and report their absence with them separately. 

Employees on approved FML must report their FML hours to Unum to be approved for job-protected leave.

No. Time reported to Unum will need to be done directly by the employee. If there are concerns with time reporting (i.e. if the employee is unavailable) please email

No. Supervisors should not have access to any medical data provided on the certification for a serious health condition.  This would include accepting the certification from the employee and providing it to Unum on their behalf. 

FML is not paid leave.

However, the University of Alaska requires that employees use their sick leave, annual leave/faculty time off, and personal holiday (in this order) before going to leave without pay while they are on FML.  To do so, employees must use their sick leave (earnings code 550) for all FML absences. This will automatically cascade to annual leave, faculty time off, and personal holiday if the sick leave is exhausted.

Leave Share
When an employee exhausts all their paid leave and enters leave without pay while out on FML for a serious health condition, they may be eligible for Leave Share. Leave share is not available for pregnancy, childbirth, or adoption due to tax law. More information on the Leave Share program can be found here: 

When your employee is returning to work after their FML event, they will need to reach out to Unum to close out their FML. As a supervisor, you should direct your employee to Unum to discuss closeout information with Unum. 

If your employee is exhausting their FML entitlement and they are not able to return to work, there are several options to discuss:

  1. You can work with your employee directly to continue a schedule that works for both the department and the employee's needs (not FML protected)
  2. The employee can apply for an ADA accommodation. More information can be found here:
  3. The employee can apply for Long-term Disability through Unum

If these options have been exhausted, please reach out to for additional/next steps.