Statewide Office of Human Resources

Affirmative Action

Through the University of Alaska Affirmative Action Plan, which is updated annually for each University and posted on the Statewide Human Resources website, the University of Alaska Statewide recognizes its responsibility to provide education and employment opportunities for all qualified individuals. The Director of Compensation and Classification acts as the Affirmative Action Officer for the University of Alaska Statewide and is responsible for complying with state and federal laws, orders, decisions, and university policies to prevent illegal discrimination or institutional exclusion.

It is the policy of the University of Alaska Statewide to provide equal education and employment opportunities and to provide service and benefits (such as admission decisions, financial aid, access to academic programs, employment, and health and counseling services) to all students and employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, marital status, disability status, age, protected veteran status, or other legally protected status.

If students, prospective students, or employees feel they have been discriminated against, they have the right to contact the appropriate AA officer listed below for assistance and follow the resolution process outlined in University Regulation 04.02.020. Information is also available here from the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights, the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, the Department of Labor, or the Office of Civil Rights in the Federal Department of Education.

University of Alaska Anchorage
Office of Equity and Compliance
Sara Childress, Director, Title IX Coordinator
University of Alaska Southeast
Human Resources
Gail Cheney, HR Director
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Office of Diversity & Equal Opportunity
Margo Griffith, Director, Title IX Coordinator
University of Alaska Statewide
Margo Griffith
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