FY21 State Budget Information

UA UGF funding history

Governor – UA Compact

The August 13 compact between the Board of Regents and Governor Dunleavy outlined three years of operating budget reductions:

  • FY20 $302 million UGF (-$25 M from FY19)
  • FY21 $277 million UGF (-$25 million from FY20)
  • FY22 $257 million UGF (-$20 million from FY21) 

The university committed to focus on:

  • Progress toward its strategic goals
  • Operating cost reductions
  • Administrative overhead reductions
  • Strengthening the role of community campuses
  • Growth in monetization of university assets
  • Enrollment and degree/certificate completion rates
  • Campus safety and regulatory compliance
  • Research income increases
  • Non-state income increases
  • Development of UA lands
  • Technology investments to lower costs and increase access
  • Structural consolidation and consideration of single accreditation

The governor agreed to:

  • Support budgeted amounts agreed upon
  • Support expanded dual-enrollment of college-ready high school students
  • Support FAFSA completion of high school students
  • Continue support for the Alaska Performance Scholarship and Alaska Education Grant programs
  • Explore more appropriate structure for WAMMI appropriation
  • Pursue single-appropriation structure (FY21)
  • Continue $1.2 million for facility debt reimbursement
  • Support land grant transfers
  • Support increased collaboration between state agencies and the university
  • Consider other budget items that support university transformation


Capital Budget

Securing its future in a changing educational landscape requires investing in renewal and upkeep of UA facilities.

Deferred Maintenance/Renewal & Repurposing
$50 million request

Prioritized using the following criteria:

  • Safety, accessibility and health requirements
  • Energy and other operating cost savings
  • System or mission-critical retooling of facilities

Sustaining USArray Capabilities in Alaska
$2.5 million request

Will dramatically improve Alaska’s ability to assess and prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis


The University of Alaska (UA) maintains more than 400 facilities to support its research and educational mission. Currently, UA faces a backlog of more than $1 billion in deferred maintenance/renewal & repurposing (DM/R&R) needs. State capital funding is an essential part of addressing this issue and sustaining UA’s campuses and facilities.

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