Frequently Asked Questions

About the Statewide Staff Campaign

Why should I give?

Although state support is important, each year the percentage of support it provides declines.
Individual donations to our institution are increasingly important to enhance opportunities for
students, programs and faculty. As members of the University community, you see first-hand
the impact of your work. Every day you contribute your time and effort. Your financial support,
through giving, enriches our university and directly helps students achieve success.

Participation in the statewide staff campaign is important. The number of employees supporting
UA influences corporations and foundations that are considering major grants and gifts to the


Where do campaign funds go?

All dollars raised are designated to programs, projects, and scholarships according to donor’s
wishes. Your contribution can be designated to a variety of areas including scholarships,
colleges, departments, programs or endowed chairs, just to name a few. Your gift directly
benefits the area you choose.


How can I make a gift?

You can give by check, credit card, online, or payroll deduction.


I already made my gift this fiscal year. Will my gift count toward this campaign?

Yes! If you have donated to UA or KUAC at any time during the fiscal year, thank you. Even
your gift last year to Pick.Click.Give. counts toward this campaign.

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