The Incident

On Thursday, July 16, 2020, the UA Foundation received notification from Blackbaud of a ransomware attack which occurred in May of 2020. Blackbaud is one of the world’s largest providers of customer relationship management systems and is used by a large majority of non-profits and higher education institutions including the UA Foundation and was one of many organizations impacted by this cybersecurity incident aimed at extorting funds from Blackbaud.

What information was involved?

The UA Foundation does not store any credit card, bank account, or social security information and therefore those data were not involved in the incident.The data potentially accessed on Blackbaud servers may have included biographical and personal contact information, and affiliation with the University of Alaska System, its three universities, their related Alumni Associations, and KUAC. 

Based on its research, Blackbaud and law enforcement officials believe that no data went beyond the cybercriminal, and there is no further risk of harm. Blackbaud has hired a third-party team of experts to monitor the web for any misuse of the known data. The UA Foundation is working closely with Blackbaud to mitigate any further risk of exposure and also is working with national experts in data security and privacy.

More information about the incident can be found at Blackbaud’s website

We place the highest priority on the security of personal information, and we understand and share your concerns as members of the UA community. Rest assured that our team is working to learn more, identify ways to mitigate future incidents, and keep you informed. If you have questions concerning this security incident, please contact Tlisa Northcutt, Chief Donor Relations Officer at or 907.786.1211.





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