Stories that Inspire | October 2014

UAA | Jacob Brunner & Sofia Fouquet

Sofia Fouquet & Jacob Brunner, Majoring in Marketing, UAA College of Business and Public PolicyBoth Majoring in Marketing, UAA College of Business and Public Policy

Jacob:   My goal is to graduate with my bachelors in marketing and management by spring of 2014. I strongly believe that you have to love what you do, it’s your life and you have to make the best of it for yourself. When it comes to career goals, are there a few fields I feel passionate about, however one that stands out is entrepreneurism. This is why I have chosen marketing as my major. I feel this field is universal, flexible, constantly changes and keeps you on your toes.

I have done the polar plunge in the past and raised over 1,000 dollars for the Special Olympics. Hobbies I enjoy include soccer, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, traveling (as much as possible), and playing music (piano and drums mainly).

Sofia:  I am currently a Marketing and Business Management student. I grew up in Palmer, Alaska, and graduated within the top 15% of my high school, Colony High. I plan to finish my degree in the spring of 2014 and go on to work in the nonprofit sector. Empowerment through education has been a long-standing ideal of mine, and I hope do may share of promoting altruistic activism through awareness campaigns and proactive business management training.

Your help allows me to focus my attentions on my studies and personal development, which enhance my efficacy in the workforce. I hope that I will be able to give back as much as I have been given.

UAF | Paul and Birgit Hunter

In 1964, Paul and Birgit Hunter made their first gift to the University of Alaska Fairbanks; nearly every year since, they have renewed or increased their annual gift. In 1981, inspired by the opportunity scholarships afforded Paul, the couple established the Paul C. Hunter Engineering Scholarship in support of engineering students at UAF. Over the last 39 years, Paul and Birgit have donated more than $54,000 to UAF. In addition, Paul and Birgit utilize the Boeing Company’s employee matching-gift program, providing a significant boost to their personal philanthropic support and allowing more students to receive financial support.

Paul earned a B.S. in electrical engineering and a B.S. in mathematics from UAF in 1962. After graduating he served in the U.S. Army for more than 28 years in air defense artillery, field artillery and research and development. After leaving the Army, Paul went to work for the Boeing Company as a systems engineer in the Defense and Space Group. Birgit also went to work for the Boeing Company as a translator and later an events coordinator. After 17 years, Paul retired from Boeing in 1995 and Birgit in 1999.

Paul and Birgit reside in the Seattle area and enjoy volunteering for the USO, supporting active military service men and women.

UAA | Mitchell A. Tacata

Mitchell A. Tacata, UAA College of Business and Public PolicyMajor: Accounting, UAA College of Business and Public Policy

Mitchell: After graduating high school in Kodiak, I decided to attend at the University of Alaska Anchorage. My first academic goal is to receive an Associate of Arts degree in accounting. I feel like I am on the right path in accomplishing my goal and will be graduating at the end of the year with an associate’s degree. Once I have accomplished this goal, I plan beginning my career by working in my chosen field.

While working as an accountant, I also plan continuing my education by working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting. Furthermore, when I am comfortable with my credentials and some experience; I plan on moving back home to work as an accountant to contribute in a meaningful way to my home community. For instance, I would like to work within the Providence Kodiak Medical Center or Kodiak Island Borough School District.

I would be grateful to volunteer my time and lend important advice to students that are looking towards success. Furthermore I would be willing to increase financial support for UAA through my giving. Being granted scholarships has helped me further my education, so I would like to do the same once I have graduated.

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