Industry Advisory Board

IAB members
IAB members (l to r) Pete Hickman, Mark Myers and Brian Holst

In 2020, Alaska NSF EPSCoR created a new advisory committee, the Industry Advisory Board (IAB). The mission of the board is to connect Fire & Ice research with key economic stakeholders and businesses in Alaska and to expand the overall economic impact of the project. The goals of the board are a) to establish a closer relationship between Fire & Ice research and private industry in Alaska; b) to determine methods and strategies by which Fire & Ice and private industries can enter into mutually beneficial relationships; and c) to advise on the development of agreements to implement these methods and strategies.

The board meets at least twice a year with Fire & Ice project leads to receive updates on the project and to make recommendations. Where appropriate, members also work to facilitate specific collaborations between Fire & Ice researchers and industry partners. A number of recommendations of the board have been implemented, chief among them being Fire & Ice's sponsorship of the Arctic Innovation Competition

Current members of the board include:

  • Mark Myers (chair), a former head of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources as well as former UAF Vice-Chancellor for Research
  • Brian Holst, Director of the Juneau Economic Development Corporation
  • Tomi Marsh, a Ketchikan fishing captain and board member of OceansAlaska, which promotes Alaskan shellfishing, mariculture and wild stock enhancement
  • Pete Hickman, Program Manager for GeoNorth Information Systems, which specializes in the collection and processing of remotely sensed optical and radar imagery
  • Eric Wyatt, a longtime oyster farmer,  director of OceansAlaska and President of the Alaska Shellfish Growers Association