Workshop Summaries

Salmon 2050 Workshop 1: Drivers of Change

October 2015

At the first Salmon 2050 Workshop "Drivers of Change" in October 2015 there were 11 agencies (Kenai Field Office-USFWS; Sport Fish-ADFG; Planning-KPB; Parks and Recreation-ADNR; Kenai National Wildlife Refuge-USFWS; EPA; Subsistence-ADFG; Division of Habitat-ADFG; City of Kenai; ADEC; Kenaitze Indian Tribe), providing an excellent cross-section of the decision makers on the Kenai. Together they were able to identify the top six uncertainties facing the Kenai, the top three issues / decisions facing the Kenai, and the six key actors in the community. For more information on the details of the workshop please review the summary reports.
salmon 2050_top uncertainties
Drivers of Change Workshop 1 Products:

  • Summary Report: 3-page PDF describing proceedings at the workshop
  • Powerpoint: 33-page PDF of slide presentation given at workshop

After the first workshop, a team of University of Alaska researchers with expertise in GIS, economics, social science, ecology, and community planning gathered scientific data in line with the uncertainties identified by the stakeholders. Researchers presented much of this data in preparation for the second workshop.

Salmon 2050 Workshop 2: Scenario Implications

May 2016

In May 2016, the second Salmon 2050 Workshop, "Scenario Implications", harnessed local expertise once again with the goal of producing a series of plausible storylines that link the uncertainties to specific management options, leading to more realistic scenarios. To do this they defined the past and future implications of the uncertainties that were developed in the first workshop, mapped the implications onto physical maps, and began to craft narratives for each of the scenarios.

Scenario Implications Workshop 2 Products: