Products and Resources

Graphics for the five watershed scenarios

The items on this page were created as resources for the Salmon 2050 stakeholder workshops, or as products of the work done at those workshops.

Kenai Watershed Scenario Narratives: 6-page PDF detailing the 5 scenarios of the future of the Kenai identified through the Salmon 2050 process.

Videos with Hal and Ollie: A set of 5 videos created by graphic facilitator Lee Post and Kenai artist and storyteller Bunny Swan, in which Hal, and halibut, and Ollie, a wise owl, describe a typical day in 2050 under each of the 5 scenarios.

Pamphlet: a 2-page PDF pamphlet explaining the Salmon 2050 process and outputs.

Scenario Maps: PDF maps of predicted changes to the Kenai based on each scenario, as well as keys to understand the map contents.

Social Network Analysis Graphic: An image indicating social relationships within the Kenai River fishery in terms of network theory consisting of nodes and ties. Each node represents an individual/agency, and the ties represent communication. Data was gathered through semi-structured interviewsin which respondents listed the names of people with whom they frequently communicated 1) in their agency, 2) in Alaska, and 3) outside of Alaska. They were also asked whether each communication involved receiving or providing information. The data was then entered into a software program called Gephi to produce a map.

Scenario Framework Graphic: A 3-D image of the elements of an Alternative Futures Framework

Data Sheets on Uncertainties: 2 to 4-page PDF's with more information about five of the key uncertainties identified in the stakeholder workshops.

Environmental Change Sliders: Interactive before-and-after images of key changes on the Kenai Peninsula

SalmonSim videos: Six videos that use the "SalmonSim" interactive digital world developed by the University of Idaho Virtual Technology Labratory to illustrate elements of Southcentral Test Case research, including some of the variables and stages of life experienced by sockeye salmon.

Kenai Peninsula Flyover video: A virtual overflight of the Kenai Peninsula incorporating historic aerial imagery of development and of a retreating glacier, created by ACE faculty Frank Witmer and UAA Planetarium and Visualization Theater (PVT) director Omega Smith.