2006-2007 Awards

Alaska EPSCoR 2006/07 Graduate Fellowship -- Cold Regions
Awardee Project Campus Sponsor Amount
Bai, FeiFei Effects of Frozen Ground on Site Response using Seismic Recorded Data from a Downhole Array. UAA Helen Liu $22,000
Bray, Matthew Cryogenically Controlled Creep Behavior of Ice-Rich Permafrost. UAF Yuri Shur $22,000
Duvoy, Paul Effects of Forest Fires on Suspended Load in Streams in Interior Alaska . UAF Horacio Toniolo $11,000
Kim, Koui 2-D finite element model of coupled processes including the effect of water table and freeze - thaw cycle at the free-field area. UAF Scott Huang $22,000
Li, Hui Determination of Acoustic and Dynamic Properties of Frozen Soil using Ultrasonic Computerized Tomography (USCT). UAF Gang Chen $22,000
Sahoo, Bhaskar Coupled Heat and moisture transport modelling of road beds in cold regions . UAF D. Misra / R. Daanen $22,000
Xu, Jianfeng Theoretical and experimental analysis of two-phase thermosyphons and air convection embankments for arctic applications. UAF Douglas Goering $22,000


Alaska EPSCoR 2006/07 Graduate Fellowship -- Integrative Physiology
Awardee Project CAmpus Sponsor Amount
Brennan, April Circadian rhythm influences on metabolism in the Northern Red-backed vole, Clethrionomys rutilus. UAA A. Bult-Ito / J. Burns / B. Barnes / I. van Tets $11,000
Wan, Haiting Daily Mouse Plasma Leptin and Ghrelin Rhythms Under Scheduled Feeding UAF Abel Bult-Ito $11,000
Fridinger, Robert Active season changes in resting metabolic rate and foraging behavior in arctic ground squirrels. FITC Kodiak L. Buck / B. Barnes $22,000
Greene, Dana The Neurophysiology of Thermoregulatory Nest-Building Behavior in Mice Bidirectionally Selected for Nest-Building Behavior. UAF Abel Bult-Ito $22,000
Jinka, Tulasi Central Nervous System Reulation of Metabolic Suppression in Hibernation. UAF Kelly Drew $22,000
Lestyk, Keri Ontogeny of muscle development in Hooded (Cystophora cristata) and Harp (Phoca groenlandica) seals: Implications for the terrestrial postweaning fast. UAA J. Burns / D. Pfeiffer / Freistroffer $22,000
Morgan, Tawna Hormonal regulation of alternative reproductive strategies. UAF Sasha Kitaysky $22,000
Prewitt, Jill Examining the effect of diet, body condition, and season on the muscle biochemistry and histology of harbor seals (phocavitulina). UAA J. Burns / D. Pfeiffer / D. Freistroffer $22,000
Robinson, David Post-translational modifications of histone H2A during double-strand break repair in S. Cerevisiae. UAA Jocelyn Krebs $22,000
Sears, Justine Effects of nutritional stress on stable isotope signatures in seabirds. UAF Sasha Kitaysky $22,000
Urschel, Matthew The Role of Nitric Oxide in the Regulation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis in the Cardiac Tissue of Three Species of Antarctic Fish. UAF Kristin O'Brien $22,000
Warner, Jim Adaptations to Hibernation: Phenotypic Plasticity of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptors . UAF Barbara Taylor $22,000
Williams, Cory The effect of nutritional status on lipid metabolism in a monogastric predator: Implications for diet assessment using quantitative fatty acid signature analysis (QFASA). UAF Loren Buck $22,000


Alaska EPSCoR 2006/07 Graduate Fellowship -- Population Genetics
Awardee Project Campus Sponsor Amount
Beecher, Jessica Which species hybridized to form the allopolyplod Alaskan Arabidopsis lyrata? . UAF Diana Wolf $22,000
Bulgarella, Mariana Population Genetics of Hemoglobin Evolution in Crested Ducks (Lophonetta speculariodes) . UAF Kevin McCracken $22,000
Timling, Ina Identification of cold adapted fungi in Arctic tundra ecosystems. UAF Lee Taylor $22,000


Alaska EPSCoR 2006/07 Undergraduate Research Fellowships
Awardee Project Campus
Guritz, Rodney Persistent Organic Pollutants in Boreal Forest Leaf Litter. UAF Catherine Cahill $3,000
Herrington, Tammy Seasonal changes in the body condition and field metabolic rate of a free-living, non-hibernation rodent in costal Alaskan taiga. UAF Ian van Tets $3,000
Malick, Willow Effects of environment and season on a non-hibernating high latitude rodent, the Northern Red-backed vole (C.rutilus). UAA Jocelyn Krebs $3,000
Orion, Rev The Impact of Inbreeding Depression on the Self-compatible and Outcrossing Species of Arabidopsis lyrata UAF Diana Wolf $3,000
Smith, Lisa Identification of Proteins Involved in Mitochondrial Translocation of Yeast Flavohemoglobin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. UAF Kristin O'Brien $3,000
Whitmore, Christina Plagioclase Crystallization at One Atmosphere and High Temperatures in Aleutian Andesites. UAF Jessica Larson $3,000
Wright, Grant In Vitro Monitoring of Glutamate in Brain Slice Preparations of Arctic Ground Squirrels UAF B. Rasley / K. Drew $3,000


Alaska EPSCoR Summer 2007 Undergraduate Research Fellowships
Awardee Project
Sponsors Amount
Bonham, Josie Sequencing Mitochondrial DNA of Unknown Mammals from Cambodia UAF Link Olson $5,000
Connaker, Kevin The Occurrence and Speciation of Iron and Associated Potentially Toxic Metals in Groundwater of Anchorage, AK: A Focus on Private Drinking Water Wells UAA LeeAnn Munk $5,000
Fleshman, Brandi An Update to the Spider Fauna of Alaska UAF Derek Sikes $5,000
Houghton, Kelly Influence of Exercise on Behavioral Thermoregulation UAF Abel Bult-Ito $5,000
Jeannet, M. Alyssa 15N as a Proxy for Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Intake: A Study of How Diet Affects Expression of Obesity Genes in Yup'ik Eskimos UAF Diane O'Brien/ Bert Boyer $5,000
Lloyd, Tonya Characterization of Frozen Soils Hydraulic Properties Using Ground Penetrating Radar UAF Debasmita Misra $5,000
Michael, Karen Carbon and Nitrogen Leaching from Wetland Soil Profiles in Southeast Alaska UAS Eran Hood $5,000
Schultz, Arthur Molecular and Morphological Diversity of Stylaster Corals in Alaska UAA Sergei Drovetski $5,000