2004-2005 Awards

AY05 Graduate Research Fellowship Awards

Graduate Student Faculty Sponsor(s) RFA Campus
Keiko Akasofu A. Bult-Ito IP UAF
Matthew Bray Y. Shur / S. Huang CR UAF
Annie Crater Barboza / Rexstad / Taylor IP UAF
Sara Dirscherl J. Krebs PG UAA
Kriya Dunlap L. Duffy IP UAF
Deborah Fieldman M. Harris IP UAF
Dana Greene A. Bult-Ito IP UAF
Ian Herriott L. Taylor PG UAF
Koui Kim S. Huang CR UAF
Hui Li G. Chen CR UAF
James Maley K. Winker PG UAF
Todd Sformo B. Barnes IP UAF
Michael Shultz A. Kitaysky IP UAF
Kalb Stevenson van Tets / Burns / Pfeiffer / Barnes / Bult-Ito IP UAA
Robert Wilson K. McCracken PG UAF
Huiwen Zhao K. Drew IP UAF
Deju Zhu J. Yang / L. Raad CR UAA

RFA : Research Focus Area
CR : Infrastructure and Systems for Cold Regions
PG : Population Genetics of Adaptation
IP : Integrative Approaches to Environmental Physiology

Alaska EPSCoR 2005 Young Investigator First Awards
Awardee Project Campus
Seta Bogosyan Data fusion of MEM multisensor arrays for the detection and tracking of objects in an environment UAF $45,000
Eran Hood Dissolved organic matter dynamics in coastal Alaskan streams UAS $20,000
LeeAnn Munk Anthropogenic and geogenic sources and cycling of potentially toxic metals in stream water, Anchorage, AK UAA $45,000
Link Olson Systematics of treeshrews (Scandentia): Phylogenetics and species limits in a poorly studied mammalian order UAF $45,000
David Tallmon Detecting adaptive molecular variation with a population genomics analysis pipeline UAS $45,000
Alaska EPSCoR Spring 2005 Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Project Campus
Seth Adams Fungal associations in orchids UAF Lee Taylor $1,500
Heather Arkinson Investigation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in Anchorage water sources UAA Craig Woolard $1,500
Jonathan Bower Accumulation and fate of atmospheric volatile organic compounds in a high latitude maritime climate snowpack, Valdez, Alaska UAS Eran Hood $1,500
Lorraine Castillo Identification of ISWI chromatin remodeling complex(es) required for eye development and cataract prevention UAA Jocelyn Krebs $1,500
Elise Glenn Molecular diversity of bud dormancy of Populus balsamifera across a latitudinal gradient UAF Matt Olson $1,500
Maxim Konovalov Bilingual hypermedia teaching materials for introductory Java UAA Kirk Scott $1,494
Molly Odell Pollen analysis of a 14,000 year old lake sediment core from Kodiak Island, Alaska UAF Bruce Finney $1,487
David Persinger Comparison of Arsenic Removal Technologies in Alaska UAA Craig Woolard $1,500
W. Dominic Shallies A GIS based model for the spatial distribution of snow accumulation in the Fish Creek watershed Juneau, Alaska UAS Eran Hood $1,402
Benjamin Silbaugh Design of a test apparatus for the measurement of nanofluid thermal characteristics UAF Debendra Das $1,500
Alaska EPSCoR Summer 2005 Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Project Campus
Michelle Augustyn Multiclavula: Classification of a high latitude basidiolichen UAF Lee Taylor $5,000
Julie F. Cohen Contributions of chemical weathering of bedrock to natural waters in Anchorage, Alaska UAA LeeAnn Munk $5,000
Kyndall Hildebrandt Using sex-linked molecular markers to test species limits in Malagasy tenrecs UAF Link Olson $5,000
Jeffrey M. Jones Post-zygotic isolation in the threespine stickleback UAA Frank von Hippel $5,000
Alexey Kotlovenko New chemically bonded phosphate ceramic borehole sealants for arctic enrvironment UAF Shirish Patil $5,000
Charlene LaCoursiere Fatty acid analysis of egg yolks as a method to determine diets in a circumpolar seabird, the Black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) UAA Ian van Tets $5,000
Lisa K. Smith Determination of affect of respiration, ROS and RNS on regulation and localization of YHb in Saccharomyces cerevisiae UAF Kristin O'Brien $5,000
Mistee Vinzant Growth, distribution and abundance of juvenile Dungeness crabs (Cancer magister) in the Juneau, Alaska area UAS Ginny Eckert $5,000
Benjamin Warlick In vivo performance testing of a low-dead volume probe UAF Kelly Drew $2,500
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