Publications, Presentations and Posters

Anne Beaudreau and Brenda Konar

Fire and Ice researchers have begun to share their research in the forms of publications, presentations, and posters. Also, please note that publications written with EPSCoR support need to include an acknowledgment. For ACE publications visit individual research components in our archive.

We have a separate page for presentations and posters from the 2019 All Hands Meeting.

Boreal Fires Presentations

Boreal Fires Posters

Coastal Margins Presentations

Washburn, Marina and Amanda Kelley. Impact of elevated, variable pCO2 on the Pacific razor clam (Siliqua patula)in Alaska. Alaska Marine Society Symposium, Anchorage, Alaska, January 2019.

McCabe, Katie. Intertidal community structure and drivers actross a glacial gradient. UAF College of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences seminar, Fairbanks, Alaska, October 16, 2019.

Coastal Margins Posters

Miscellaneous Posters

Miscellaneous Presentations

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