Creating Alaska

Front row from left: George Sundborg, Sr, Victor Fischer, Jack Coghill, Tom Stewart, Mike Stepovich and George Rogers Second row from left: Tom Morehouse, Katie Hurley, D.A. Bartlett, Claus-M. Naske, Karen Perdue, Walter Parker, Marlene Johnson, Brian Rogers, Grace Schaible, Bill Tobin Not Pictured: Walter Hickel, Lew Williams, Jr., Mary Nordale, Sidney Huntington, Neva Egan, Jay Hammond, Chancy Croft and Stephen Haycox Photo by Kate Ripley, UA Public Affairs

The Creating Alaska Project is governed by an honorary Advisory Board composed of key Alaska leaders who have personally contributed to the formation of the state of Alaska. Members of the board include delegates to the Alaska Constitutional Convention of 1955-56, convention staffers and consultants, former governors, public servants, state officials, and Alaska historians.

The Advisory Board meets annually, with the first meeting held in November 2003.  The 2004 meeting was held in Fairbanks in November. The next meeting of the Advisory Board will be in May 2005.

The Creating Alaska project is guided by a Steering Committee composed of historians, University of Alaska faculty and staff, and audio-visual experts. 

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