Creating Alaska

You are Alaska's Children

We bequeath to you a state that will be glorious in her achievements, a homeland filled with opportunities for living, a land where you can worship and pray, a country where ambitions will be bright and real, an Alaska that will grow with you as you grow. We trust you; you are our future. We ask you to take tomorrow and dream; we know that you will see visions we do not see. We are certain that in capturing today for you, you can plan and build. Take our constitution and study it, work with it in your classrooms, understand its meaning and the facts within it. Help others to love and appreciate it. You are Alaska's chidren...

-Resolution passed by the members of the Alaska Constitutional Convention at the University of Alaska, February 5, 1956

These are some of the words that were spoken in the closing minutes of the Alaskan Constitutional Convention on February 6, 1956. Looking forward to the future with vision and hope, a group of men and women forged the Constitution for Alaska,the 49th State of the Union.

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