Center ICE Seed Fund

The Center ICE Seed Fund is designed to boost commercialization success, entrepreneurialism, and innovation at the University of Alaska and throughout the state. The fund invests directly in people, technologies, and commercialization efforts.

We are also looking for proposals that aim to develop MakerSpaces to drive innovation and build an entrepreneurial mindset.


Three Proposal Categories

Some innovations have a clear need for a limited amount of additional support in order to achieve market readiness. Proposals in this category could request, for example, technical support (e.g., university R&D or testing facility) for an innovation that is near ready for the marketplace.


Available to anyone from the UA community as well as any Alaska-based entity needing help with an innovation that would support its business operations.

Successful innovation and entrepreneurialism derives foremost from a certain perspective and way of thinking. Proposals in this category could request, for example, entry fee support to attend an entrepreneurial event in Alaska.


Available to support only UA faculty, staff, and students, UA-owned IP, or members of Center ICE and will be limited to $25,000. 

Every step along the path to commercializing an innovation can be challenging. Proposals in this category could request, for example, SBIR or I-Corps Team proposal-writing support, patent application support, and professional business mentoring and advice.


Available to support only UA faculty, staff, and students, UA-owned IP, or members of Center ICE and will be limited to $25,000.

Seed funding awarded to external entities will be limited to $7,000. Most proposals from UA community members will require disclosure of any underlying technology in accordance with UA policy and procedures.


Proposal Requirements
  1.  Title of proposed project or activity
  2. Primary point of contact
  3. Applicant identification
    1. UA community members name: name, campus, department, faculty/staff/student
    2. Alaska-based entities: entity name, description of industry and business model, scope of business, etc.
    3. Whether applicant has received any training related to the Lean Startup methodolog, and if so describe.
  4. Anticipated outcome of the seed funding; an explanation of how the proposed activity/project would prepare the technology, business, or entrepreneur to enter the market stronger and or/sooner.
  5. Anticipated "next steps" that are aligned with the Center ICE Seed Fund's purpose - to be taken after completing the proposed activity/project. "Next steps" should address future funding plans/options if applicable.
  6. Budget; a general description of the primary categories needing support and the amount requested as well as the project duration if applicable.

Proposals should be submitted to in an email titled "Center ICE Seed Fund." Some factors for evaluation include: completeness and professionalism, cost relative to likelihood of success and value of successful outcome if achieved, and impact and importance of the proposed seed funding to advancing the overall project.

There is no deadline to submit a proposal. Proposals may be submitted anytime. Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis but at least three times each year during the spring, summer, and fall. Funding will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis ad will be subject to outside funding for the Center ICE Seed Fund.


The Vision

The vision for the Center ICE Seed Fund is a sustained flow of diverse projects and people with strong potential who are leveraging the funding to achieve greater success. Center ICE intends for the Seed Fund to become a permanent fixture in, and enhance to, the pipeline that leads out of the University, into the community, and ends with commercial success for the benefit of all Alaskans. The Seed Fund is one piece of a broader coordinated effort to help Alaskans capitalize on university research, diversify the state's economy, and build a stronger startup community.