Every idea and startup is different, just as every garden is different. Do you need specialized bonsai techniques to beautify your ideas or do you need agri-business techniques to grow a billion dollar unicorn?


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Students will get a chance to do paid work directly with an array startups in Alaska. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in their fields of interest, as well as learn more about that world of startups and innovation.

Category: Summer Internship

Commitment: ~12 Weeks

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NSF iCorps

The National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps program provides training in market research and product viability, as well as funding for participants to apply those principles to their own innovative idea.

Category: Innovation Research Training

Best Suited: Researching an Idea

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Alaskan Community Challenges

Engaging Alaskans in solving the problems that matter to Alaska to create the future communities and economy we want to create. #BuildTheAlaskaYouWant

Category: Innovation Competition with Financial Prize

Best Suited: Innovative Alaskans

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Lean Launch Workshop

Highly interactive workshop exploring problem-solving with your colleagues and innovation ecosystem participants using the Lean Startup methodology.

Category: Startup Workshop

Best Suited: Individuals Interested in Starting Their Own Company

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Alaska Angel Conference

The Alaska Angel Conference provides new Angel Investors, or those interested in becoming Angel Investors, with hands on experience evaluating proposed funding opportunities and selecting an Alaskan startup to receive a $100,000 investment

Category: Investing Experience

Best Suited: Alaskans Who Want to Become Angel Investors

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CITE Fellows

CITE Fellows is a program that recruits, prepares, and supports dedicated teaching faculty in innovation through the incorporation of thoughtful technological tools.


Best Suited:

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