Board of Regents

Board of Regents' Meeting
November 5-6, 2014
Butrovich Building Room 109
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Alaska

PUBLIC TESTIMONY WILL BE HEARD AT APPROXIMATELY 9:15 A.M. ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2014. Sign-up sheets will be available prior to the meeting. The chair will determine when public testimony is closed.

Comments are limited to three minutes per individual or as determined by the chair. Written comments are accepted and will be distributed to the Board of Regents and President Gamble following the meeting. Comments can be sent to

Live Stream Online during open session at:

Video streaming will be unavailable during executive session.


Table of Contents
Agenda - One Document

Meeting Schedule

Full Board Agenda
Academic and Student Affairs Agenda

Reference 1 - FY16 Operating Budget
Reference 2 - FY16 Capital Budget & 10-Year CIP
Reference 3 - Regents' Policy Revisions 05.10.080
Reference 4 - Regents' Policy Revisions 09.01.014
Reference 5 - Regents' Policy Revisions 09.01.020
Reference 6 - Regents' Policy Revisions 09.01.030
Reference 7 - Regents' Policy Revisions 09.02.030
Reference 8 - Regents' Policy Revisions 09.04.030
Reference 9 - Regents' Policy Revisions 09.09.040
Reference 10 - Regents' Policy Revisions 09.11.020
Reference 11 - UAA Doctorate in Nursing Practice

Addendum 1 - UA Summary: Cost Savings, Offsets, Efficiencies and Service Reductions
Addendum 2 - Summit Team Actions
Addendum 3 - Legislative Intent Language Responses
Addendum 4- Employee Furlough Options

Additional budget discussion items:
Managed Outcomes
Irons in the Fire
First evers, best evers
Recent Major Collaborations

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