Board of Regents
Special Meeting of the
Finance, Facilities & Land Management Committee

Wednesday, January 14, 1998; 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Room 303, Business Education Building
University of Alaska Anchorage
Anchorage, Alaska


Committee Members:

Joseph R. Henri, Chair
Michael J. Burns
Mary Jane Fate
R. Danforth Ogg
Lew M. Williams, Jr.
Michael P. Kelly, President

I.»Call to Order

II.»Adoption of Agenda


"The Finance, Facilities & Land Management Committee adopts the agenda as presented:

I. Call to Order
II. Adoption of Agenda
III. Ongoing Issues

A. Report on Intellectual Property Activities
IV. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of the Sale of the Stampede Mine to the National Park Service
V. Future Agenda Items
VI. Adjourn

This motion is effective January 14, 1998."

III.»Ongoing Issues
A.»Report on Intellectual Property Activities

In August of this year, the University of Alaska Technology Development Corporation (UATDC) suspended its business operations and transferred all net assets and any on-going obligations to the University of Alaska.

Immediately following the suspension of the UATDC operations, an intellectual property office was established on the UAF campus. A systemwide intellectual property committee also was convened for the purpose of evaluating all existing and future disclosures. The committee met in September and made recommendations regarding over 50 open intellectual property disclosures returned by UATDC to the University of Alaska.

Additional activities of the new intellectual property office include formulating an effective relationship with the University of Washington Research Foundation, continuing support for ongoing projects like the pin bone extraction device, and beginning discussions with ASTF on an expanded relationship.

Dr. Jack Keating, Provost, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Dr. Ted DeLaca, Director, Office of Arctic Research, University of Alaska Fairbanks will be present at the meeting for the purpose of providing a more comprehensive and current briefing for the committee and to answer any questions members of the committee may have about the progress being made on intellectual property matters.

This is an information item; no action is required by the committee.

IV. Consent Agenda
A.»Approval of the Sale of the Stampede Mine to the National Park Service

The University of Alaska owns the mineral rights to the Stampede Mine located within Denali National Park and Preserve which consists of 71.04 acres of patented mining claims. Deed restrictions limit use of the property to research and educational activities except during national emergencies when the antimony deposit can be mined. The National Park Service owns the existing buildings as well as the surface rights to the property. The university has a limited right to use the National Park Service buildings for research and education.

The property was donated to the university in 1979 and has been used periodically by the UAF School of Mineral Engineering to conduct research and field classes. A field class was last conducted at the site in 1996. Lack of road access makes use of the site expensive.

In 1987, the National Park Service requested that the U.S. Army assist in the disposal of explosives remaining on the property from prior mining operations. The resulting explosion destroyed the mill, damaged other buildings, and prevents the university from making full use of the site.

In November 1997, legislation introduced by Senator Frank Murkowski was signed into law (Public Law 105-83, the Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1998) which requires the National Park Service to negotiate with and pay the University of Alaska School of Mineral Engineering for the acquisition of the university's interest in the Stampede Mine. In conjunction with the acquisition, the Secretary of the Army is directed to provide to the university, at no cost, two six-by-six vehicles in excellent operating condition and construct a bridge over the Bull River to the Golden Zone Mine Site to allow ingress and egress for activities conducted by the School of Mineral Engineering.

The Statewide Office of Land Management (SOLM), Dean Robert Trent of the UAF School of Mineral Engineering, and the National Park Service have negotiated, subject to Board approval, a sale price of $300,000 for the university’s interest in the Stampede Mine. SOLM is comfortable, based on comparable sales within the park, that this value represents or exceeds the fair market value of the university’s interest in the property.

The President recommends that:


"The Finance, Facilities, and Land Management Committee recommends that the Board of Regents authorize the university administration to sell the Stampede Mine to the National Park Service for $300,000 and to execute all necessary documents to complete this transaction. This motion is effective January 14, 1998."

V.»Future Agenda Items