BLaST Research Scholarship FAQ

 Q: Am I eligible to apply for a BLaST Scholarship?

A: In order to be eligible for the Scholarship, you must:

  • Have an interest in biomedical/One Health research
  • Be considering a career in healthcare, biomedicine, or research in life or social sciences
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
  • Enroll for 12 or more credits at UAF - Fairbanks, Alaska each semester of the 2019-2020 academic year in an academic degree program in a biomedical science field
  • Be a US citizen, US non-citizen national or permanent resident.

Q: What is One Health?

A: One Health is the idea that human health, animal health, and environmental health are closely connected, and that achieving optimal health in one of these areas requires focusing attention on all three. Visit the CDC’s One Health website to read more, including some great examples of One Health in action.

Q: Do I need to be a biology major to apply for the Scholarship?

A: Definitely NO! Any student with an interest in biomedical and One Health-related fields is welcome to apply. This can include biology but also chemistry, psychology, sociology, and many others!

Q: Can graduate students apply for the Scholarship?

A: No. Only full-time undergraduates are eligible.

Q: I’m a senior in high school planning on attending UAF in the fall, can I apply for the Scholarship?

A: Yes, you may apply as an incoming freshman as long as you will be a full-time student (taking at least 12 credits each in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020).

Q: Do I need research experience to apply for the Scholarship?

A: No! We welcome applications from students with any level of experience in research, including none at all.

Q: Do I need to have a research mentor/project lined up in order to apply for the Scholarship?

A: No! You are not required to have a research project or mentor in mind when you apply.

Q: If I’m awarded the Scholarship, what will be expected of me?

A: Expectations of BLaST Scholars include, but are not limited to:

  • Active participation in research and completion of required research hours
  • Enrollment in BLaST-sponsored courses (1-2 credits each) for both semesters
  • Regular meetings with a BLaST mentor
  • Attendance at weekly Biomedical/One Health seminars
  • Participation in other BLaST-sponsored activities as requested (monthly gatherings, trainings, etc.)
  • Remain in good standing at the University

Q: What’s included in the Scholarship?

A: The Scholarship includes tuition and fees, plus a monthly stipend of $749/month for freshmen and sophomores, or $1049/month for juniors and seniors.

Q: How long does the Scholarship last?

A: The Scholarship covers the entire 2019-2020 academic year (Fall and Spring semesters), and may be extended through July 30, 2020 if certain requirements are met.

Q: If I’m awarded a Scholarship for this year, am I guaranteed one again next year?

A: The BLaST program is currently scheduled to end June 30, 2019.  We are hoping to compete for a renewal for another five years of funding.  If the BLaST program is renewed you will need to re-apply each year using the Renewal Scholarship Application. Scholars who wish to renew will need to show active participation in research and other BLaST activities throughout the year.

Q: Where is the application?

A: Both the new and renewal applications can be found on the BLaST website here: links are under “IV: Application Format and Submission Procedures”

Q: If have a question about the application that isn't answered here, who can I contact?

A: Contact BLaST either by phone (907-474-5111), email (, or in person at our office (Arctic Health Research Building room 184).

Q: Can I have someone at BLaST look over my application before I submit it?

A: Yes! Contact us by phone, email, or in person (see above). BLaST staff will be happy to contact you with someone who can help review your application prior to submission.