Social Security

UA employees who are not eligible for university or state-sponsored retirement plans, i.e., adjunct faculty, students working in taxable positions, and temporary employees, participate in Social Security.

Temporary employees who are eligible for or are receiving PERS, TRS, or ORP benefits are exempt from Social Security. 

All employees hired after March 31, 1986 are required to contribute to the Medicare portion of Social Security.  The contribution rate for Social Security and Medicare is 7.65 percent of gross wages and the Medicare portion of the contribution is 1.45 percent.

Want to know what is considered a "pension" for calculation of the WEP and GPO?  See the Social Security web page here.

How does Social Security calculate the WEP when you have ORP and UA Pension?  See the example for the Texas ORP here. (The Texas ORP is similar to the UA ORP, and you should include your UA Pension Plan balance as well)

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