Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)

The Optional Retirement Plan is a defined contribution or account-based plan created by the university.  The university and the employee contribute a percentage of the employee's pay and the retiree receives the account balance, including investment earnings.   Effective July 1, 2015, ORP is only available to newly hired faculty members, Officers of the University and Senior Administrators.

ORP does not offer a medical plan upon retirement.  Employees select their own investments through one of four investment companies, whose information is listed below.

For help, refer to the Decision Guide.

Upon termination of all employment and after a 45-day period, employees may leave the funds with the fund sponsor, request a lump sum distribution or roll funds over into another qualified plan or IRA. The university does not routinely report terminated status to the fund sponsors; you must initiate that with the distribution request process. Review The Handbook (pdf) for more information.

The Plan document can also provide additional information.


 Fidelity Investments
ATTN: Direct Rollovers
PO Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0037

(800) 343-0860
Lincoln National
Lincoln Financial Group
P.O. Box 21008
Greensboro, NC 27420-1008

(800) 348-1212

Anchorage - 561-3187

Fairbanks - 452-6393

P.O. Box 1259
Charlotte, NC 28201
(800) 842-2776
P.O. BOX 15648
Amarillo, TX 79105-5648

(800) 448-2542

Anchorage - 279-8302

Fairbanks - 458-0101

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