Using the UA Preventive Benefit

The UA Choice Health Plan includes a Preventive Benefit that expands the medical care available to employees and their dependents. It allows you to decide what routine tests, immunizations and screenings are right for you and your family. The Preventive Benefit is available to you in addition to traditional diagnostic care.

As a guide, we have published a list of preventive services (updated July 2019).

As we're looking at how we make health plan more substantial in the long run, investing in prevention makes financial sense. As much as three quarters of the $70 million-plus we spend on health care each year goes to paying the bills for chronic illness.

Each dollar we spend today on preventive screenings and counseling on healthy lifestyles means fewer dollars that we'll be spending on diabetes, cancer treatmens, coronary bypass surgeries, and treatment for chronic conditions years down the line.

UA is working to make sure you and your dependents have the support you need to achieve better health with the programs run for us by WIN for Alaska. If you are looking fore more detailed information, go to and click on "Learn About Prevention"at the top. In addition, the site provides some very useful personal health tools

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