History of Health Plan Changes

This page provides a record of changes to UA Choice Plans made in recent years.

FY16 Plan Changes

Summary of FY16 UA Choice Health Plan Changes


FY15 Plan Changes

Summary of FY15 UA Choice Health Plan Changes


FY 14 Plan Changes

Summary of FY14 UA Choice Health Plan Change

Here's a summary of the changes for the FY14 plan year.

Health Care Plan Updates (as of February 2013)

The Joint Health Care Committee met on Feb. 1 to take action on nine health care motions, which were initially presented in an October 2012 meeting and submitted in writing for approval on Nov. 7. Before implementing those motions into the UA Choice Plan, President Gamble requested employee feedback through forums.

After careful consideration of the feedback and a review of additional information received, the JHCC decided to rescind two motions including implementation of a spousal surcharge and to eliminate the opt out option from the UA Choice Plan. Neither option will be forwarded for implementation by the JHCC at this time.

The JHCC also passed a motion confirming new plan names and another motion to continue with the Signature Plan on the VSP contract and increase the allowance for frames/contacts to $150.

Michelle Rizk, interim chief human resouces officer, had 20 days to either approve or deny these motions and recommendations before they are implemented into plan policy.

Health Care Plan Forum Presentation
The presentation from the forums may be accessed here.

Health Care Plan Forum Notes
The notes are a beif summary of how many attended the forums and general topics raised for discussion during the forums, which can be accessed here.

FY 14 Health Care Plan Changes Q & A
Read the Q&A document developed in response to questions received at the Forums and from staff blogs.

Please read the article in The Statewide Voice, which describes each of these motions in detail.

For a full review of the JHCC and its function within the university health care system, read the following article in The Statewide Voice.

FY 13 Plan Changes

Memo to employees from Donald Smith, Interim Chief Human Resource Officer

Health Care Employee Costs chart

FY 12 Plan Changes

Effective July 1, 2011

Below you will find links to information the university collected in an effort to keep employees fully informed of the changes in health care changes that took place in FY13.

Open Enrollment Letter from Mike Humphrey-- (04/07/2011)

Drug Maintenance List from Caremark--(03/30/2011)

Essential Preventive Health Services--(06/14/2011)

FY12 Health Care FAQs-- (3/11/2011)

FY12 Health Care Memo from Beth E. Behner, Chief HR Officer (02/09/2011)

FY12 Heath Care Plan Deductibles (updated 03/02/2011)

FY12 Health Care Overview PDF (updated 03/02/2011)

Letter From President Gamble (01/31/2011)

Health Care Changes Memo to President Gamble from Beth E. Behner, Chief HR Officer (01/21/2011)

Lockton's Presentation to the Board of Regents on 12/09/2010

FY 12 Health Plan Mailers

The links below are PDF versions of the mailers the university has sent to employees in previous years.

Health Plan Overview
Best Doctor

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