Foundation Accounting

Tammi Weaver
Chief Investment Officer

Susan Freel
Accounting Manager

207 Butrovich Bldg.
910 Yukon Drive
P. O. Box 755120
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-5120

ph: 907.450.8122
fax: 907.450.8023

Financial Statements

The role of the Foundation Accounting Office is to provide complete accounting and reporting services for the University of Alaska Foundation and related entities, management of the foundation’s general ledger, manage investments and cash flow for the foundation and Consolidated Endowment Fund, and provide in-house expertise and guidance for various tax issues. This department provides procedures and support to ensure proper accounting and data entry for all cash and non-cash gifts, fundraising proceeds, memberships and member benefits. This office processes all disbursement requests, including scholarships, for the use of foundation funds and reviews the gift entry for all foundation gifts.

This department procures, establishes and administers contracts with investment managers and consultants to ensure that all financial assets of the foundation and Consolidated Endowment Fund are fully and prudently invested in accordance with guidelines established by the Investment Committee of the University of Alaska Foundation Board of Trustees.

This office prepares financial statements for the University of Alaska Foundation and the Consolidated Endowment Fund and all tax filings for the foundation and related entities.