UA Scholars Program

Attention High Schools!

Welcome High Schools! This is your resource center.  If you are new to the UA Scholars Program, please read the Program Information Booklet

The online designation process is now open for the class of 2016.  Each high school principal is required to select one individual to serve as the UA Scholars authorized representative who will be responsible for completing the online designation process.  If you have your school's code and are ready to designate your class of 2016 UA Scholars, please click here.

Before you designate your Scholars make sure to read the Program Information Booklet in its entirety.  The accuracy of your list is extremely important! Check and double-check your list before submitting it. Your students are counting on you! Remember to designate by the October 1 deadline.

Notification of Award

After reviewing the submitted designation lists, the Program Administrator will send each Scholar an Award letter. Official notification of the Award must come from the UA Scholars Program Administrator. Students, parents and high school officials must not rely on any other source of information about the issuance of an Award.


Each year in late April, we mail all high schools the UA Scholar certificates of recognition to school counselors. We encourage you to present the certificates to your UA Scholars at your awards or graduation ceremony.

Discretionary Eligibility Reconsideration

Students who were not designated at the end of their junior year, but are in the top 10 percent of their class after all grades are posted at the end of their senior year, may submit a written request for Eligibility Reconsideration to the UA Scholars Program Administrator. The request must be made by the student and must include:

1) a letter requesting an Eligibility Reconsideration signed by the student (or parent/guardian if the student is a minor) and

2) an official transcript indicating the student’s final class ranking among the graduating class.

Any student requesting an Eligibility Reconsideration must submit all documentation to the Program Administrator no later than six months after graduation. The Program Administrator will inform the student of the outcome in writing. All determinations by the Program Administrator are final. Scholars granted Awards under this provision must also comply with the Obligations of the Scholar, except they may apply for admission later than May 1, but no later than 30 days from the date of the written Award notice.

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