UA Scholars Program


The UA Scholars program continues to keep Alaska's top high school graduates in state while continuing their education at the University of Alaska. These students enrich the academic environment at UA as they develop in their roles as future leaders of Alaska. They also represent all the corners of the state and serve as ambassadors between their community and the university. The UA Scholars Program marks a turning point for Alaska.

Before I got this scholarship I wasn't going to go to college. I had my CNA license, so good enough right? Wrong. Although it's a better than working at a fast food place, or a grocery store it isn't enough to live. Getting this award has helped me get started on my prequalifications to get into the nursing program.


Quick Facts at a Glance

• Since implementation of the UA Scholars Program, more than 7,168 students have accepted the scholarship at least one semester.

• Nearly 2,000 UA Scholars are enrolled at the University of Alaska.

• Since inception of the Program, UA Scholars have earned a total of 3,411 degrees, certificates and endorsements from the University of Alaska.

• During its inaugural semester in fall 1999, the UA Scholars Program attracted 271 top Alaskan students to the University of Alaska. In fall 2014, the number of new UA Scholars had grown to 429.

• The top program choices of UA Scholars are Biological Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, General Program, and Accounting.

Statistics reported are current through Fall Semester 2014

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