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Enterprise Directory (EDIR - University Directory)

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The University of Alaska's Enterprise Directory(EDIR) includes contact information for departments, current faculty, staff, students, and a relatively small number of other University affiliates.

- You can search the directory to find people by name, office phone number, or UA Username.

- The directory contains records for every department at UA as well as every student and employee.

- Students, faculty, staff, and departments may add contact information including preferred email address, phones, office location, web sites, and/or photo; to add or changes information, you log in with your same UA Username (or ID#) and password used for many other services (link to documentation on editing records).

- Name and affiliation data are automatically provided from University student & employee systems of record (Banner); departments and their organization are automatically provided from University official structure table maintained by Institutional Research.

Service Users

University of Alaska faculty, staff, students, and affiliates or guests sponsored by departments.




The Enterprise Directory service is available at no cost to end users.

Get Started

For information look up visit . To make updates to information found at visit the Enterprise Directory web site.


Service is available 24 hours/day. Exceptions include scheduled maintenance or unplanned outages.

Getting Help

Customers request general assistance and report problems with this service through the OIT Support Center.
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