System Governance

Statewide Administration Assembly

The SAA is a governance group representing the staff of the University of Alaska Statewide Programs and Services.

Our Mission

As revised on July 14, 2008.

The primary purposes of the SAA are to provide an effective opportunity for Statewide Administration employees to play an active role in issues affecting their welfare; to promote a positive workplace; to represent employees' viewpoints on Regents' Policy, university regulations, and other matters affecting the intents of the university; and to act as a liaison between statewide employees, the University of Alaska, and their respective communities.

SAA President

Dory Straight
206 Butrovich Building
Fairbanks, AK 99775-5340

Your Feedback is Appreciated

For the past two years, Administration has been reviewing the Regents’ Policy and University Regulation. In an effort to make our voice heard, the Statewide Administration Assembly decided to provide feedback on the one chapter that affects us the most – chapter four, Human Resources. Each committee members is tasked with gathering comments on assigned parts. If you have any suggestions on the following parts please direct those comments to the appropriate committee members. 

04.01 Uniform Personnel System – Chrystal Warmoth

04.02 General Personnel Policies/Regulations – Linda Hall

04.03 Recruiting and Staffing – Dory Straight

04.05 Salary Administration – Debra Rimer

04.06 Benefits and Leave – Dana Platta

04.07 Employee Relations – Jeff Holloway

04.08 Dispute and Grievance Resolution – Britton Anderson

04.09 Financial Exigency – Alex Amegashie

04.10 Ethics and Conduct – Monique Musick

You can find the current policies and regulations on the UA Board of Regents webpage, or you can review the proposed changes thus far at

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