Fund Accounting

Wei Guo, M.Acc.,CPA

209 Butrovich Bldg.
910 Yukon Drive
P. O. Box 756540
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-6540

ph: 907.450.8063
fax: 907.450.8071

Mission Statement

To fairly report the University's financial activities to external authorities and guide the many internal contributors in compliance with required standards.


- Prepare financial statements and reports including the annual audited financial statements, OMB Circular A-133 Single Audit, Education Trust of Alaska, IPEDS, Unrelated Business Income Tax Return and other requests for financial data.

- Implement new accounting pronouncements to ensure compliance with state, federal and university standards.

- Liaison with the State of Alaska for requesting and monitoring of all general fund and capital appropriations.

- Record and monitor all university endowment activity including the Land Grant Trust and its related funds.

- Account for new debt issuance and all debt service activity including the annual debt compliance report.

- Central office for university accounting best practices and procedures.

- Depository for Statewide and University of Alaska Foundation receipts.