Message from the President

University of Alaska President

President Patrick Gamble

Patrick Gamble

Thank you for supporting the University of Alaska with your generous contributions. Your gifts made through the University of Alaska Foundation enable us to better serve Alaska and Alaskans in many ways.

In this report, you will read about a few of the thousands of students whose journeys to an academic degree would not have been possible without the support of scholarships, as well as the encouragement and counsel of committed faculty and staff. You will see how an industry partnership is helping us to train students on the same equipment they will use when they go to work after graduation. You will get a glimpse of just some of the University’s research, in part funded by private donations, which enables us to better understand the state where we live and work and the global issues that face our society.

None of this would be possible without the belief you show in us through your investment in scholarships, research, cultural events and preservation, academic programs and departments, and so many other important activities that are helping the University to serve Alaska and change the lives of Alaskans every day.

Thank you.

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