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68 p., 13 color plates, 8 1/2 x 7

Format: paper

Price: $19.95


River of Light

A Conversation with Kabir

by Morgan, John

Woodward, Kesler

Surrender to a wild river and unexpected things can happen. Time on the water can produce moments of pristine clarity or hatch wild thoughts, foster a deep connection with the real world or summon the spiritual. River of Light: A Conversation with Kabir is centered in one man’s meditations and revelations while traveling on the Copper River in southcentral Alaska. The river’s shifting landscape enriches the poem’s meditative mood while currents shape the poem and the pacing of its lines. The mystic poet Kabir is Morgan’s internal guide, and he serves as a divine foil through quiet stretches that bring to mind questions about war and human nature. Artwork by distinguished Alaska artist Kesler Woodward is a sublime companion to the text.

A combination of adventurer’s tale and spiritual quest, River of Light takes the reader on a soulful journey that is both deeply personal and profoundly universal.

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