UA Scholars Program

UA Scholars Program

Exciting News Regarding the UA Scholars Award!

We are very excited to announce that the University of Alaska's Board of Regents unanimously approved to increase the UA Scholars Award from $11,000 to $12,000! All current UA Scholars will receive $1,500 each semester starting with the Fall 2015 semester until their Award concludes.  UA Scholar Awards conclude after eight paid semesters.

One other change to the UA Scholars Program is an increase in the required minimum number of credits completed annually to ensure that UA Scholars are set up to stay on track for timely degree completion.  This new requirement will affect new UA Scholars, starting with the incoming class of 2015.  Scholars will be required to complete 12 credits during the first and second semesters and 30 credits annually thereafter until the Award has concluded.

Existing Scholars should note that even though the increased course load is not a requirement of receiving the Award, completing a bachelor's degree in 4 years or an associate degree in 2 years, requires completing at least 30 credits per academic year.

Welcome Class of 2016 Scholars!

Congratulations to each of you on your accomplishment of being designated as a UA Scholar! There are great things in store for you at the University of Alaska.

We offer this award because Alaska’s future depends on talented people like you. Join more than 7,000 of our best and brightest ahead of you who accepted the UA Scholars Award, attended the University, and who are now shaping Alaska’s future. We want to see you at UA!

UA Scholars Award Receptions

To RSVP to one of this year's UA Scholar Award Receptions click HERE!

Apply for Admission by May 1

Don't forget you must submit an application for admission to a certificate or degree program at any University of Alaska campus online or postmarked on or before May 1 of your senior year! If you miss this deadline, you will not be eligible to use your Award.

UA Scholars Award

The UA Scholar Award is awarded to the top ten percent of all graduating seniors from Alaska high schools.  It is a $12,000 scholarship to any of the 15 University of Alaska campuses. With over 500 degree and certificate programs to choose from you are likely to find a program that will help you meet your career goals.

Your UA Scholars Award works with APS!

In some cases the amount of the Alaska Performance Scholarship award may be reduced. The Alaska Performance Scholarship amount may not exceed an award recipient's unmet costs of attendance after all other non-loan aid a recipient is eligible for has been applied.

Visit the APS website for more information!

2015 Program Booklet

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