Open Enrollment is Here!

April 15th - May 16th

All information and the forms you need are online here.  You won't be getting a packet in the mail this year, so be sure to review the open enrollment page to print and complete only the forms you need.

Remember that if you complete the Personal Health Assessment at Healthyroads and have your biometrics done before June 30, you could get up to $600 back.  If your spouse or partner is enrolled, you could get $600 back for their participation too.

FY14 Handbook

The FY14 Handbook is now online!

JHCC Vendor Summit - A Must READ!

Click here to view the SAA Blog filled with useful information regarding our comprehensive benefit package.

Health Care Reform Update

What does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean to you?

If you are currently covered under the UA Choice health plan or another employer or retiree plan, you will probably not notice much change because of the health care reform law.  Current employees recieved a required notice in the mail telling you about the availability of the health care exchange, also called the marketplace, that will be available October 1.  The marketplace is where people can shop for and enroll in coverage that will be effective January 1.  A copy of the Health Care Marketplace Notice, also called the Exchange Notice, is available here.

You should know that the plans available on the exchange are not offered on a pre-tax basis, and coverage may not be as comprehensive as that offered by the University of Alaska's plans.  The university does not contribute anything towards the cost of the exchange plans.

If you are not currently enrolled in a health plan, you should know that the Affordable Care Act's "Individual Mandate" could apply to you.  Effective January 1, 2014, most individuals will be required to have health insurance.  More information on the Individual Mandate is available here.

Below, you will find more information on the health care plans offered by the university as well as the FY14 rates.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

The summary of benefits and coverage for each plan is listed below, including a glossary of terms.

750 Plan
High Deductible Health Plan  (HDHP)
Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
Glossary of Terms

UA Online is Always Open

To find your HSA enrollment information, go to the Employee Services menu, select Benefits and Deductions, then Flexible Spending Accounts. If the HSA is active, it will be at the top of the list.  If it is not active, it will be lower on the list of accounts you have or had.  You can always check your current benefit elections on UA Online

Here is some information on FY14 UA Choice plans that are effective July 1, 2013:

FY14 UA Choice Plan comparison chart 

FY14 UA Choice Plan Enrollment Guide

Benefits Guide Handbook - FY13

To view the FY13 Benefits Handbook, click on the icon below. The FY14 handbook is available from the "Benefits Handbook" link in the top-left menu.

UA's Wellness Program with Healthyroads

Looking for easy Healthyroads sign on?

The Healthyroads Wellness Program is part of your UA Choice Health Plan benefits.

Just click the link below to use your UA username to log onto Healthyroads.  Enrolled spouses and FIPs are eligible for this program, too, and they should go to Healthyroads to register.

Healthyroads offers a Personal Health Assessment (PHA), tools and trackers like cardio and strength exercise planners with animated demos, a meal / nutrition planner, more than 40 fitness and wellness trackers, health articles, videos, courses, blogs, mp3s and much more.  Biometric screening results, either from your doctor's office with the health care provider form, a Quest Diagnostics service center or an onsite screening, will be added to your PHA to give you an up-to-date assessment of your state of health.  Coaching is available to help you reach your personal health goals.

All information provided to Healthyroads is just for you and completely confidential.  The university will get aggregate reporting to show us the overall state of our population's health issues so we can design programs better suited to you.  No personal individual information will ever be seen by any UA staff.

Heathcare Provider form

Healthyroads Single Sign On (SSO) for employees for enrolled spouses and FIPs

Wellness Q&A

For more information on UA's Wellness Program, click here.

Healthyroads brochure

Changes to Tuition Waiver Benefit

Please see the Tuition Waiver page for changes to the Tuition Waiver Benefit

Flexible Spending Account

Your Flexible Spending Account is with WageWorks. Please click here for more infomation on the WageWorks account. For complete information of Flexible Spending Accounts, click here.

Health Savings Account

For complete information on the Health Savings Accounts (HSA) now being offered go here.

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