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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - Training new supervisors and leaders


From Anonymous staff

Yesterday during "Coffee with the President" you mentioned the challenge of training new supervisors and leaders at UA. From my perspective this is one our biggest issues.  We have good people working at UA, however we need the right people with the appropriate leadership skills in our management and supervisory positions.

Has there been any thought on how to develop an internal leadership program;  partnering with the various management schools at each campus?  There are a lot of talented folks teaching in these programs as well as good leaders’ through-out UA who could help contribute.  I would like to see us use the internal resources we already have.


Obvisouly, we both agree on your position. Yes, the UAF School of Management under Dean Hermann is working up a leadership track program that has the potential to benefit faculty, students, and staff at many levels. I am also scheduled to discuss this subject with HR staff. So, in short, your well placed concerns are up for serious review across the board, and will likely be dependent mostly on internal talent.

Thanks for the question.

-- Pat

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