UA Scholars Program

Program Overview

The purpose of the UA Scholars Program is to provide an incentive for Alaska's middle and high school students to achieve academic excellence, to nourish efforts of schools to provide high quality education, and to encourage the top high school graduates from every community in Alaska to attend the University of Alaska.

" It's a wonderful program that not only made it possible for me to go to college, but to do it debt free!


Quick Facts at a Glance

The UA Scholars Award is a $12,000 scholarship which can cover eligible expenses such as undergraduate tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, and other educational costs incurred for attendance at the University of Alaska.

Students eligible for the Award are designated by their high school based on their academic standing at the end of their junior year.

The award is disbursed to eligible Scholars in the amount of $1,500 per semester for a total of eight semesters over a five year period.

Scholars are required to maintain full-time enrollment status (minimum of 12 or more credits) and complete the minimum number of required credits annually (24 credits during academic year one increasing to 30 credits per academic year each year thereafter).* Scholars must also maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

*Applies to Scholars in the invited class of 2015 and beyond.

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