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VPN Connection (Cisco AnyConnect)

Category: Internet - Wireless & Network Connectivity


This service provides secure, remote, connectivity to campus resources from non-University of Alaska locations. VPNs send data over the public Internet through secure "tunnels." This refers to a network in which some of the parts are connected using the public Internet, but the data sent across the Internet is encrypted, so the entire network is virtually private. An example might be a company network with offices in different cities. Using the Internet, the offices merge their networks into one network. The data is encrypted to ensure that only the offices in question can see the data on the Internet link.

Service Users


Access to this service requires an internet connection, properly configured client software, and a current account. Software is available via automatic installation for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X (10.5 or later). Additionally, Linux software is available for manual installation via .sh package for RHEL and Debian-based distributions. iOS applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are available through the iOS App Store.

Support for other mobile platforms is not available at this time.


VPN Connection Services are available at no cost to end users.

Get Started

To begin using the service on a computer, visit the appropriate link from the list below: When prompted, enter your UA Username and Password. Once logged in, the service will automatically detect the operating system and version your computer is running, and the program will begin installation immediately. Once completed, you will be notified that your computer is connected.

If you need further assistance, please visit our configuration page for further instructions.

Support for mobile devices is also available. Visit the Cisco AnyConnect Mobile configuration page for instructions.


Service is available 24 hours per day. Exceptions include: scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages.

Getting Help

Customers request general assistance and report problems with this service through the OIT Support Center.
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