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Smart Classroom/Cart Technology Support

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Smart Classrooms and Smart Carts contain instructional technologies that equip faculty with audio and video tools used to enhance their sessions with rich multimedia content.

Smart Classrooms have computer technologies permanently installed while Smart Carts are mobile workstations that can be moved from classroom to classroom, as needed.

Technical support includes quick-response technical assistance for issues encountered during instruction, hardware/software management and recommendations regarding technology in support of academics.

Service Users

UAF and SW faculty and staff.




Smart Classroom/Cart Technology Support is available at no cost to end users.

Get Started

To schedule a Smart Classroom, contact your department or the Registrar's Office.

To schedule a Smart Cart, contact the Rasmuson Library Media Desk at (907) 474-7072 or


Service is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Getting Help

To request technical assistance, training, or support, please contact the OIT Support Center at or call (907) 450-8300 or toll free (800) 478-8226.

More Information

Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms contain video/data projectors, television sets, VCR and DVD players, desktop computers, notebook computer connections (A/V, LAN, and internet), visualizers, intra-classroom connections, and access to the video distribution hub that allows playback of multiple format videotapes, satellite downlinks, and 16-mm film footage. OIT supports 73 Smart Classrooms on campus.

Smart Carts

Smart Carts include overhead projectors, VCR and DVD players, desktop computers, and notebook computer connections (A/V, LAN, and internet). In areas where physical network connections are not available, instructors may connect to the internet using wireless network cards. There are 11 Smart Carts throughout campus:

  • 1 in the Akasofu Building
  • 1 in the Brooks Building
  • 1 in the Bunnell Building
  • 2 in the Duckering Building
  • 1 in the Fine Arts Building
  • 2 in the Gruening Building
  • 1 in the Reichardt Building
  • 1 "Roaming"
  • 1 in the Wood Center
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