Best Doctors

Expert Second Opinion and Medical Advice at No Cost

Have you or a family member ever experienced medical uncertainty and didn't know where to turn?  The University of Alaska health plan is pleased to provide you with a valuable benefit to help - it's called Best Doctors.

Best Doctors is a remote second opinion service that gives you and your dependents access to medical advise from the world's leading physicians on everything from minor surgery to chronic conditions like cancer and heart disease.  This benefit is 100% confidential and offered at no charge to benefits eligible employees and their dependents.

Best Doctors offers a range of services to help you and your family members make the right medical decisions:

  1. In-Depth Medical Review - Best Doctors will collect your medical records, images and test samples and send them to an expert specialist for review.  After the review, you will recieve a detailed and confidential report summarizing the Best Doctors expert's findings so that you and your treating physician can take the right next steps.
  2. Ask the Expert - For more basic questions about a diagnosis or treatment options, Best Doctors can prove the answers.  No more wondering what steps to take or relying on Internet searches.  You get a personalized response in about five days from a doctor who fully understands your particular situation.
  3. Find a Best Doctor - Need a pediatrician?  Want the best surgeon in your area?  Looking for a medical specialist?  Best Doctor will help you locate the right doctor - one who's nearby and in your health plan.

Getting Started

To start your case, or get more information, call 1-866-904-0910, or visit

You can connect with a member of the Best Doctors clinical team from the comfort of your home.  They will listen to your concerns and handle the rest - even gather your medical records for you.  You can be sure you have the right information, the right diagnosis and the right treatment, so you can make the right decisions about your care.

Click here for a short presentation on Best Doctors.

Click here for a short video to learn the essential story of what Best Doctors does for our members.

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