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DRAWING PERIOD: begins at 12:01 a.m. Alaska Standard Time on September 01, 2014 and ends at 5:00 p.m. Alaska Standard Time on November 21, 2014.



  1. The winning students will be chosen at random as specified below from all eligible student applicants for admission to the University of Alaska whose applications are received via UAOnline at or before 5:00 p.m. on November 21, 2014; or whose paper application is postmarked by November 21, 2014 and is received by the University of Alaska on or before December 12, 2014.
  2. The selection will be based on non-replacement, stratified sampling, thereby ensuring that no student receives two awards and that at least one applicant to each University is selected. From applicants to each of UAF, UAA and UAS, one recipient will be randomly selected. Winners will be removed from the sample for the second phase of the drawing. A further three recipients will be selected randomly from the applicant population at large, without reference to University applied to.
  3. To be eligible for entry into the drawing, students must intend to have a first enrollment in a University of Alaska campus in a degree-seeking program in the Summer or Fall 2015 semesters. The student must have had an Alaskan address at the time of application.
  4. A total of six awards, each equivalent to the tuition of three Alaska resident lower division credits, will be awarded.
  5. To be eligible to use the award, the student must have been admitted into an undergraduate degree program at UA, with a first enrollment program in either the Summer or Fall 2015 semesters and be eligible for in-state tuition as of the time of matriculation. The student must enroll in and complete at least 12 credits during the semester he/she uses the award---and that semester must be either the Summer or Fall 2015 semester.
  6. Only one entry per student is permitted.
  7. Students who had applied to the University of Alaska prior to September 01, 2014 and who apply again during the drawing period are not eligible for entry into the drawing.
  8. Applicants will need to have submitted a complete University of Alaska application using UAOnline (or by paper). Transcripts/test scores need not have been submitted by end of the drawing period.
  9. The drawing winners will be announced by February 15, 2015.
  10. The award may be applied to UA tuition costs only and may not be refunded to the student for any reason.
  11. Additional terms and conditions may be outlined in the award letter.
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