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Shaping a dialog with UA Employees - By Kate Wattum and Charles St. George

Shaping Alaska's Future is a complex vision and process. After two years of effort, the team has distilled the vision down to five main themes with 23 coorresponding issue and effect statements. There is a lot of work to do between ISSUE and EFFECT. Which asks the big question...How do we get there from here?

The main thrust of this vision hinges on changing not only how the UA community works but also how we think and feel about the work we do. Some in our community have never heard of this effort, other have. Some have tried to ignore it - some have embraced it. At this point, most everyone has at least heard of President Gamble's Shaping Alaska's Future initiative.

UA employees are the ones who will work toward each effect. Will this change process start out slow and gain momentum or will the ideas catch fire and move quickly as more people come on board?

Shaping (as it is now called) has approached the "doing phase." What does "doing" look like for you? How will these five themes take root to change the culture of your UA? We've randomly selected employees across the UA system to help explore these issues.


People of UA 2014


Person #1 Beatrice Franklin, Library Assistant, Inter-Library Loans, UAS Juneau


Person #2 Casey Sifsof, Student Success Coordinator, Native Student Services - UAA Anchorage


Person #3 James Jones, Manager of Campus Operations - UAF Bristol Bay Campus in Dillingham



Person #4 Karen Ramsey, Student Support - UAS Ketchikan Campus


Person #5 Alisa Wedin, Cooperative Extension Service, Anchorage District Office


Person #6 Cathy Ewing, Business Analyst, UAA Enrollment Services



Person #7 Kiara Svensson, Grant Coordinator, Institute of Arctic Biology


Person #8 Bonnie Carroll, Marketing Manager, UA Statewide - College Savings Plan


Person #9 Sheila Mann, Administrative Specialist, Instruction Department of PWSCC



Person #10 Marsha Ball, Receptionist, UAA School of Nursing

Person #11 Erica Iseri, Study Away Advisor, UAF International Programs and Initiatives

Person #12 Larry McGrady, Senior Support Center Analyst, OIT Service Desk


The names selected for these profiles are generated by a random search of the UA People Directory. If you are a UA faculty, staff and/or student please check and update your listing at

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