Office of Information Technology

Video Tutorials

Overview Videos

Course Environment
A tour of the new course environment. find out about the new features, and how to use them in your course.
Discussion Board Tour
Take a tour of the Discussion Board. Learn about all the features and functions available to initiate and evaluate thoughtful dialogue.
Course Files Tour
See the new course files function. Store files directly in your course, and learn how to link to the files from anywhere in your course.

Building Content

Adding Content
How to add a content area and item
Edit Course Menu
How to edit and customize the course menu
Course Homepage/Course Modules
The new homepage feature, and how to customize it with Course Modules
Creating Announcements
How to create an Announcement
Create a Course Link
How to create a Course Link

Grade Center

Customizing the Grade Center View
How to hide/show columns in the Grade Center
Viewing Grade Details
How to see the details of a grade
Creating Smart Views
How to create a Smart View and set it as a favorite.
Creating Grading Notes
Give feedback to your students or make a note for yourself
Color Code the Grade Center
Use color to indicate different status of a grade

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